Chadbourne has an active Safety Patrol program during morning and afternoon hours along Plymouth Dr. (across from the school) as well as within the drop off/pick up area in front of the school.  The idea is to ensure safety of children and keep the traffic moving.  Chadbourne Safety Patrol would like to remind you of a few basic rules and requests during these hours to ensure both safety and traffic flow goals are achieved every day.  If your neighbor, nanny or relatives are likely to use the drop off/pick up service, please familiarize them with these rules.

If you are new to Chadbourne, we recommend that you park close by (please see below where you should not!) the first day and walk your child to school + watch the traffic flow and Safety Patrol at work.  

Drop Off/Pick Up Area (School Parking Lot)

Rule: Use of cell phones inside the school parking lot is prohibited - even if you are using a headset or speakerphone.
  All calls must be terminated before entering the school lot.  If your conference call is important and can not be interrupted, please park the car in the neighborhood and walk your child to school.  You may start using the cell phone after you exit the school parking lot and have safely turned right on Plymouth Ave.

Entering the School Parking Lot

  • Rule: Left turns are not allowed into the school parking lot from Plymouth.  You must take a right turn (which means you need to come from Marigold/Covington side).
    • Exception: Staff and service vehicles are allowed a left turn here - please do not yell at them!
  • Rule: There is only one right turning lane into the school drop off area from Plymouth.  Please do not make another right turning lane.
    • Exception: Staff and service vehicles are allowed to enter the school parking lot through another right turn lane - please do not yell at them!

Inside the School Parking Lot

  • Rule: Only six cars can drop off/pick up in the valet area.  If you are not one of these six, please do not drop off or get your child in.  Please wait for your turn.
  • Rule: Drop off, pick up or parking in the staff parking area is not permitted.
  • Rule: During the afternoon pick up time, if four out of six cars are loaded, you may be asked to move, and you will have to enter at the end of the line of waiting cars.  Please ask your child to be on a lookout for you.
  • Suggestion: Ask your child(ren) to exit the car towards the curb.  It is safer.  If they must exit the other side, ask them to go around your car in front of you.  That way you can keep an eye on them instead of leaving it to the driver behind you.
  • Suggestion: When dropping off, keep the school bags in the car and not in the trunk.  That helps unload your passengers quicker and keeps the line moving faster.

Exiting the School Parking Lot

  • Rule:  Left turns are not allowed on exiting school parking lot to Plymouth.  You must turn right.

Driving Around the School 

Please be very cautious when driving around the school.  While the speed limit is 25 mph, it may be too fast for you to stop for a kid darting across the street.

Along Plymouth Avenue

  • Rule: No stopping and no drop offs/pick ups along Plymouth on the side of the school (it is either red or bus zone - it is very unsafe for the pedestrians, and both zones carry heavy penalty if spotted by a black and white car)

  • Request: If you stop to drop off or pick up along Plymouth on the other side (not the school side, but where the homes are), you must park legally - along the curb, not blocking the street elsewhere around the school
  • Request: Please be on a lookout for pedestrians and Safety Patrol volunteers at the following four locations:

    • Covington and Plymouth (three legal crosswalks) - Safety Patrol does not operate on these crosswalks.  
    • Fordham @ Plymouth - Safety Patrol does not operate on this crosswalk.  Please do not take a sharp turn into Fordham to beat the oncoming traffic
    • Plymouth across from school (@ Fordham)
    • School parking lot exit

Fordham Court

  • Request: Please be good neighbors.  Please do not block driveways - neighbors on Fordham Ct. often complain to the school office.

Covington Drive

Rule: If you are turning from Covington to Plymouth, you have a STOP sign and the cross traffic on Plymouth does not have any.  The traffic on Plymouth may have stopped to keep the Covington/Plymouth intersection clear.  Please do not try to squeeze yourself in.  It is unsafe for the pedestrians crossing Covington, and it is not legal.  

Safety Patrol is a volunteer run program.  They are there for your child's safety and to keep your car moving.  Please respect and follow their instructions.  Please do not argue with them.  If you are not happy with something, please talk to the school office.  

If you think you can do a better job, please send a note to to join the Safety Patrol.  We can always use more volunteers!