Plymouth & Covington Intersection

This intersection is not patrolled by Chadbourne Safety Patrol.  Drivers are in a rush to get the kids to school and then get to work.  Please use utmost caution when crossing the street at this intersection.  Here are a few things you can teach your child for safely crossing this intersection:
  • Make an eye contact with the driver to make sure they have seen you
  • If cars do not stop for you, do not enter the cross section.  Waive your hand so they see you, and stop.  Alternately, wait for an adult to come by.  Drivers can see the adults easier (and adult pedestrians will yell at the drivers easier too!).
  • Check for the traffic from both sides before you enter the intersection.
  • Once in the intersection, do not stop or turn back.  The driver who had stopped for you may start once you cross his/her side of the street.
  • Stay within the crosswalk stripes.

Crossing Plymouth Avenue - Across from the School

  • Crossing the Plymouth Street - when Safety Patrol is active, you must stop till the Safety Patrol volunteer opens up the street for pedestrians.  In order to keep the traffic moving, cars are often allowed to go even if the pedestrians are waiting.
  • The striped area on Plymouth in front of MU Room is not a crosswalk - it is a speed bump!  Please use the Plymouth crosswalk and be a good role model for your kids!