The Top Ten

Here are the top ten ways you can help keep the students safe and cars moving:
  1. Hang up your cell phone before you enter the school parking lot.  No hands free, no bluetooth... all calls must end.
  2. Do not park in the staff parking area
  3. Do not turn left into or out of school parking lot when safety patrol is on the street
  4. Try to have the backpacks in the car in the morning.  That makes unloading faster, and keeps the flow moving.
  5. Do not block the neighbors' driveways, or use them to turn around.
  6. Covington & Plymouth - please keep the intersection clear.
  7. Do not drop off students in the bus zone in front of the multi-use room
  8. Pedestrians - do not use the speed bump as the crosswalk.
  9. Pedestrians - try to cross Plymouth at Fordham (in front of the school) instead of Covington.  We patrol that crosswalk, but not Covington.
  10. Please follow the safety patrol volunteers' instructions.  They are parents as well, and they are there so you can get in and out quicker.
For more information, please refer to the pages for Drivers and Pedestrians.